Fool (Roman Rain Remix) (исполнитель: Endanger)

Strophe 1

it should be ending here
after so much harm is done
you don't depend on me - you never did
but that is something I have known

do you hate me ?
did you ever feel for me at all ?
you just tore it all apart
you broke my heart and [bad word] my soul

Strophe 2

did you ever think
that some good words will do ?
I've been suffering, I've been paralized
and all because of you

why did [bad word] back ?
there was no reason to go on
you should have better left for good
I hate the person you've [bad word] 

I hear you scream
I thought I had it under control
but I see you weep
and I know that I've been a fool

I tried so hard to think everything is okay
I tried so hard to be patient
but I'm not today
that's why we're crying here
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