Let It Be Broke (исполнитель: AFI)

I live in [bad word] [bad word]  
Where's the threat you see in me? 
I the cause of your self consciousness? 
You scream at me
'cause I can't ignore the [bad word] that you support, 
'cause my life's contrary to yours. 
No soft words from my mouth.
glazed look in your eyes. 
I live in the world of reality, [bad word] yourself with lies. 
I will release myself, I will detach myself from you. 
I will detach myself from your kind. 
I've seen your life but I can't see how it is
that you can be so content in your own ignorance.
Its been so dark for so long now a new light [bad word] along, 
illuminating all, so shut your eyes.
I won't tell you what you want to hear, 
I will show you what's real. i will, will defy.
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AFI - Let It Be Broke?
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