Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

all these days
I'll forever cherish
in the confines of my heart
the faces of ten years ago
like fingerprints on my heart
how can I breathe
when fear chokes my every breath?
how can I balance
six inches from death?
now, the momentum we've [bad word] to a screeching halt
this [bad word] crashing down
on her hands and knees she crawls
how can I breathe
when fear chokes my every breath?
how many of your lies
will I be fed?
the remains of summer memories
spent so far away
free from the fear or jealousy
that plagues our lives today
now that promises we're broken
enemies were made
we spend our precious time pointing fingers
trying to place the blame
the remains of what's left
of our past
of a future yet [bad word] of the battles that we've lost
and the fights that we have won
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