Shooting Star (исполнитель: Elliott Smith)

You'll make the scene like you always do
Going upstream down the avenue
To [bad word] some trophy boy that you'll win tonight at the bar
So bad, so far
You'll make him sad
Shooting star
When it was me I was momentarily proud [bad word] on dreams now I'm glad I didn't say out loud
You said you'd be for real but I don't believe that you are
So bad, so far
You make me sad
Shooting star
You're distant and cold and a sight to behold
Everybody just sighs
But no one gets on with you very long
'Cos you don't feel bad when you lie
I'm going to sleep now, going back to find square one
Square two, beware, I can deal with the [bad word] you've just done
It won't be soon, to say the least it's gonna be hard
So bad, so far
Your love is sad
Shooting star
Your love is sad
Shooting star
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