Avarice (исполнитель: The Tiger Lillies)

Avarice, avarice! Money, money is bliss!
The money man makes all the money that’s why the money man lives
He sells the souls of his freakshow, for the money man money is bliss
He’s sold his father and mother; his daughter and wife do tricks 
Each coin and each note that he makes he greedily gobbles and licks
Avarice, avarice! Money, money is bliss!
He sold all of his children; he sold his friends as well
Well, one day pretty soon the money man’s going to [bad word] The money man’s so greedy he’s got a dollar down his jacket’s insides
For the sake of making more money he murders, cheats and lies
Avarice, avarice! Money, money is bliss!
Everywhere he springs misery, each of the freaks he makes cry
He sold his soul to the Devil he’s the only one who’d buy
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The Tiger Lillies - Avarice?
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