Motivated 46, 50, 57 Hz (исполнитель: Three 6 Mafia)

[bad word] x2]
Everytime I feel this [bad word]  I'm motivated
Not only do we flow this [bad word]  we demonstrate it [bad word] to far to turn back now, I hope we make it
But everytime them prophets fly, I'm motivated

[Juicy J]
Back in the days I used to get down
Pockets on E, I can't do nothin but frown
Feelin' my belly and [bad word] around
Had to be pushin that dope by the pound
Go with da folk that be pullin a [bad word] Not to popular now you know you're the [bad word] [bad word] with reala that know you're legit
Pushin that [bad word] that you shoot in your wrist
Had to be down about makin my grip
Pumpin the beat hopin the needle won't skip
Nukin a dinner while flippin the script
Niggas still trippin [bad word] they lip
Now they [bad word] in larger amounts
Then I must stack them in my bank account
This is for half of your [bad word] watch it bounce
Motivation for my power and clout

[DJ Paul]
20 years old, ridin in a 80 thousand dollar viper
Better watch out for the snipers
They be bumpin' our tapes but they really don't like us
Why must some local bustas try to diss me
When they don't even know me
Not knowin [bad word] up on they [bad word] with a [bad word] mac kill em all off slowly
I'm tryina keep my cool cause I got plenty to lose
My [bad word] surroundings be another [bad word] singin the blues
So how I keep's myself on top of things and motivate
I quickly erase all you hoes that be playa hatin
 [bad word] x2]

[Gangsta Boo]
For you [bad word] niggas, for you [bad word] hoes
Stayin real as can be on my [bad word] ten toes
Never be the one to fall now I'm rising oh so quickly
I know you hate me but I'm gon stay motivated
This crazy lady don't give a [bad word] about what you say, it don't mean [bad word] Maybe cause I'm stackin cheese and you ain't stackin nothin but [bad word] Including you niggas too, you be ridin on [bad word]  I know you do
I'm stayin on top of my game, I'll be number one so [bad word] [bad word] you

[Lord Infamous]
This music game is gonna drive me insane, it's all about figures
Cause when you're dealin with heavy stakes somethin gon brake or get injured
Niggas talkin bout payin dues I got the [bad word] to prove it
Did everythin a [bad word] could do to make it in the game of rap music
But still everytime I try to make a move some [bad word] always gotta doubt
And then them very same niggas don't know what the [bad word] they talkin bout
Keepin the faith up on my plate was the reflection of my face
Sayin it to make it but still tryina gave the good Lord his grace
 [bad word] ..till fade]
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