The Columbian Faction (исполнитель: Volumes)

I am the most unhappy man, I have [bad word] my country.
great industrial nation, is now destroyed by its system of credit.
We're slowly shattering, silhouettes of a glass society.
From the depths of you shed, the diamond.
From Wilshire to Grand Central, buildings will [bad word]  [bad word] to piles.
You tell me this jury, is this dollar loaned to me.
Labeled the catalyst, the X amount
and it is recycled back to me.
Recycled back to me.
Live for this vivid vision.
vision I see, a vision for you.
vision for you.

From my window, I could see exploding lights underneath the veil,
over the speedway.

I wrote all night long.
(We always did exactly what we were told)
They never wanted us to know.
(I wrote all night long)
vision of a place that we call home.
(About a lifetime that we once knew)
They never wanted us to know.
(The age of innocence)
vision of a place that we call home.

The story of the oversaw. Your loyalty means nothing to me.
Expect to be stopped, not to be [bad word] 
We try to break the boundaries.
My mind is numb entire cities washed away.
This microchip upon a new contradiction is a new contrary.
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