Huzzah!! Good Things Come in Threes (Goodbye Deponia OST) (исполнитель: Finn Seliger)

So this is the third strike, 
You're dumping me just like
trashbag and why? just because of some must-
ard on the carpet, 
You pathetic dorkhead
I assume that your humor did just bite the dust.
But this isn't over yet! 
Yeah you can bet on that
The last part of my tale will surely appease
And change your mind anyhow
Turn on your deaf aid now,
The story goes on, for good [bad word] in threes.

Huzzah – good [bad word] in threes!

So the cutter [bad word] sails, 
Wrecked as Toni's mum's scales
And of as much avail for the long road ahead.
Still the mood in the group
Was just super woop-e-doop yeah,
Except that they slowly grew ripe for the bed,
For they knew that they would
Have to go on by foot.
No problem for such a walk is all the less
Stressfull if you sing along
With a motivating song.
And to emphasize this I'll flood the cabin of the [bad word] guys with helium gas.

Huzzah – with helium gas!

Before a champ decamps
To adventure and enters
The lion's den he attends an obscure
Purification ritual
That's a habitual [bad word] – look it up, it's for sure!
Polished to utmost cleanliness
And dressed up as his nemesis,
He chose backed by Goal to go out on a limb.
And that they had to leave their friends of old
Out in the cold was basically their own fault!
Advance, never halt! Because brakes are for wimps.

Huzzah - because brakes are for wimps!

Regardings Goals death 
And the loss of the As-
cension codes, I'll desist from my usual bon mots.
Things were in a mess, 
The tightness in his chest
Was no less as big as the colossus of Rhodes.
As he fell from the skies 
His life flashed before his eyes,
Bereft of hope no courage left to pluck up,
He did [bad word] This was the definite end,
Game over this time, [bad word] f*cked up

Huzzah – [bad word] f*cked up! [bad word] a clone? Wow! 
Well whaddayouknow now,
That's mind-boggling news, but I'm sure you can cope.
Just put on your slickers
And hitch up your knickers,
For once more there flickers a speckle of hope.
Where things do look black
You need someone to check
On the bulbs at the tunnel's end and if by hap
It turns out to be a cloning lab,
You can prep for a quantum step,
For three times [bad word] is three times the jab.

Huzzah - three times the [bad word] 

The final maneuver
Proved as a move no more
Nuts as any other plan there was at hand.
perfect occasion
For a contemplation
Of all the events and the writer's intent.
It may seem safe to say [bad word] s way
For saving the day is a little snafu,
But when [bad word] hits the fan
Is when a decent man's plan
Will dwindle deeper as ever a diver with a scuba did do

Huzzah - with a scoob a dee doo!

I'm closing my case.
There's nothing left to say.
Any last questions? ... yeah ... I'll take that as a no.
But if you feel battered,
Your whole world is shattered,
I may have a helpful suggestion for you:
Just grab your harmonica
Sing about Deponia [bad word] s dream of a life more ideal
And the fact that sometimes there may
Be just one last chance to save the day
And that's to let go and if that's so ... I'm off now for real!

Huzzah - he's off now for real!
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