Capsize (Feat. Joe Goddard & Roots Manuva) (исполнитель: DELS)

[Hook: Joe Goddard]
Times are so treacherous We need to stick together
Now the knights are closing in We need to stick together
Where is the heart and soul?
We need [bad word] together
When the youths are so [bad word] cold
We need to stick together

[Verse 1: Dels]

Never sleep in the belly of the beast
Living in a dream in their own? fanstasy
Smothered by their mothers with a breast for a pillow
Desensitised, no minds, hello?
Can you hear me?
Its a transmission fellow
Live feed
I hope you haven't eaten do you mind me?
Projectile force For the main course
Posessed by the force deep inside thee
Hey support blazers like freshly cut grass
Another child dies along will this last
Ain't nothing changed since Britain? turned blue
Except more cops, more problems more sh*t too
Looks like we're all f*cked, no lube
Cameron better steer clear of my [bad word] Kicked down the doors of Parliment for the [bad word] And have a word with the PMIR


[Verse 2: Dels]

Do they really care for the? disenfranchised?
Man-child really don’t seem to learn
Got the nerve to talk about guns on the streets
When the [bad word] cheap from the factories
The fact to be, they don’t check those facts
Or they blame and make scapegoats of the blacks
Or anybody else who’s fresh of the boat
Or everybody else who don’t wish to vote for the moderate Blues with designer views
The red top readership holds the clues to
Who's got the money for the PR scams
To pull the wool over the eyes of the everyday man
How many fresh faced youths will they send? to war
Without clear definition of what they fighting for
So what came first the addiction or the [bad word] 
Modern day thuggery
Pinstripe thugs

[Hook] [x3]

[Outro: Joe Goddard]

I'm lost, just like you
I'm lost, just like you, you
I'm lost, just like you
I'm lost, just like you, you

I'm lost, just like you
I'm lost, just like you, you
I'm lost, just like you
I'm lost, just like you, you
I'm lost
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