A Hollow Truce (исполнитель: Bolt Thrower)

First hour approaches
 Repretuating grief
 Empowering to strike down
 Sowing the defeat
 Their centre – line lies broken
 We will not forget
 Though faith will never falter
 Near life – closer to death 

 Exhilarated fervour
 Fear is for the weak
 Another rank and file falls
 One more fills the breach
 Formation under heavy fire
 Unable to strike back
 Seized at disadvantage
 Retreat harder than attack 

 View the pre-dawn aura
 Carve stone in hollow ground
 Dark contract of sorrow
 Unknown no names found 

 Sanity in question
 Enemy within
 Position of no error
 Mortal strenght to win
 Traety for an armistice
 Revert to battle plan
 Entrenched in delusion
 The last vestige of man 

 Forever gone now, memories of the fall
 No semblance of an order lost
 Lost paths – direction clear once more
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Bolt Thrower - A Hollow Truce?
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