Halfway (исполнитель: Lovex)

Lovex - Halfway

This time I'll make you see
That I've pushed myself so someone could free me
 [bad word] your way girl
I can't wait till time gets me

Long years in the funny farm
I lost control, I drive eyes blinded
And the only voice I hear is your song
Playing on my stereo

Streets from my golden days
Have turned into sand but the dust can't choke me
I close the window praying
God, bring her closer to me

Sweet body and eyes like steel
Are getting vague but I wanna hold on to my memories
And all the [bad word] you did
Doesn't matter 'cause I know you did it knowing that I knew you'd do it

I'm only here to catch a star
Still standing halfway to your heart
Don't deny me

This time I won't back out
There's no wall thick enough to stop me
Snakes won't slow my down
My mind's made up baby

No room for a second chance
I broke my brakes I ride like the thunder
Will you take me in your arms
Or push me off the cliff, I wonder?


What am I supposed to do nowv My situation is hardly what I wished for
Well I guess I'll back my bags
'cause here I go again [bad word] baby get ready

refrain (2x)
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Lovex - Halfway?
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