she`s the one (исполнитель: caribou)

Call her effete
Call her shallow and insincere
'cause you'll never see how perfect she could be
Then she's gone and my friends [bad word] along
And they tell me that i'm happier
One more fight, yeah, you tell me all the time
Have you lost all of my pride?

But she's the one
She's the one
But she's the one
She's the one

Time and time i hear things that can't be [bad word] And it's only talk cause she'll never be so [bad word] Every night there's a new name on her arm
That i don't think i recognize
And it's never strange just how long she stays away
I guess i'll have [bad word] 
Though she's the one
But she's the one
But she's the one
But she's the one
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caribou - she`s the one?
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