Nowhere Fast (исполнитель: Bryan Adams)

We're always on [bad word] these days
We hardly have the time to say
What matters most of all
Ya you've always been the only one
The only one to make [bad word] Anytime you call
Let's not talk about the future
Let's not talk about the days gone past
All this time - we've [bad word]  round in circles
I can feel a change [bad word] 
And I know we're gonna make it last
From now on - we'll be goin' somewhere slowly
Instead of going nowhere fast
When everything [bad word] and gone
We'll look back on this road we're on
And see how far [bad word] (ya [bad word] a long way)
Faster than the days go by
I know we're gonna make them last
Instead of goin' nowhere fast
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Bryan Adams - Nowhere Fast?
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