Get Your Shit Together (исполнитель: Public Enemy)

now whats goin on
i dont know
whats really goin down
yall dont know
between the east and the feds
heads dont know
but you can bet 
some of these heads be the first to go
between 18 and 30
pray it dont get dirty
now i got some new cats 
hearin me
that never heard me
11:30 do the math [bad word]  [bad word] the draft
but im at an age my fightin is half [bad word] shee, my flags always at half mast
need you ask
while some of yall laugh
but i see war lining these young cats
up for bodybags
and these so called thugs masquerading in drag
cause now the feds checkin all dem headrags
hopin this gung ho thing last
cold and dark is the weather
peoples, get yor sh*t together

aint even gonna fix my mouth to say chickens
told yall in terrordome the clocks tickin
from all [bad word] the wicked
but how you gonna
kill the innocent?
between terrorists 
and cia hit lists
like my man uno says
beware the false prophets
gotta be smarter than this
they say war is a profit
with loved ones missed
but death is a debt
none of us aint seen war yet
be careful what you ask for
war is [bad word] and [bad word] is war
all them bling bling thangs throw em in the river
all that thugged out sh*t yall cant deliver
seen four planes kill everyday folks
guess 911 aint no joke
wall street cryin broke
was it god
or the devil itself
who spoke?
old vampires
hit the new empire
had the sky cookin
brooklyn had no other choice 
but to stare and keep lookin
city smile
missin two front teeth
while some of yall 
still talkin them little [bad word] beefs
over who, what soundscanned

this month you sound scared
guessin where the party at?
while downtowns wonderin
where the bodies at?

how you sell soul to a souless people
who sold their soul?
keep the people from bein sheeple
hollow voices
to tommorrows sorrow
women have nurtured
and birthed the earth
man has killed many
for land and worse
women got a cycle thats spoken for
man has a period, its called war
may the power go to
everyday people
may war have no sequel, live..
reverse the word you get evil
cause people wanna live against evil
avoid the third world war
biological bombs
100 times worse than vietnam
so what you gonna do?
if you was on that plane 
both sides wouldve killed you too
to my peoples
stay on your p's and q's
get your sh*t together
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