Enemies (исполнитель: XZibit)

 [bad word]  repeat 2X]
Sometimes I'm my own worst ENEMY
With friends like y'all, the [bad word] needs ENEMIES?
I beat, I stab, I kill my ENEMIES
Refuse to let you waste my ENERGY

I heard they callin me a immigrant; well this [bad word] immigrant
came to yo' city and [bad word] [bad word] X is like the government, taxin that [bad word] Been harassed to the point that I'm ready to blast
And spend the rest of my life behind metal and glass
Never seen a [bad word] move so fast, cut you in half
Sick of all these threats, these [bad word] with no action
Hog-tie, watch you die and start laughin
And no longer will I sit back and let you disrespect the
that we elevated West coast rap
And bring [bad word] back to the point X is all that they checkin
In the clubs, the streets, the shows and the record stores
What more can you ask for, eat your heart out
Fall out with [bad word] niggaz constantly callin my name out
I'm really not givin a [bad word]  you're pressin your luck
I'm a walkin warhead ready to [bad word]  so WHAT?!
 [bad word] 

My name feel like a slap in the face
My name feel like a gat in yo' waist
My name is all over the place
Erasin all misconceptions
I live my whole life with aggression [bad word] 
and I'm not stressin
Your words ain't workin I feel so much pressure
Padlock, chain around, neck no lesser
Sick of [bad word] they mouth
It don't take much to get knocked out, round these parts
when I start [bad word] full clips get emptied, revenge WE
move like the Secret Service, I ain't nervous
I just wanna tell the [bad word] . the whole [bad word] When I'm on the stand explainin how I had to shoot
Absolute domination, extreme mutilation
No hesitation, I'm a movin violation
So don't get hit in the street
Used to have friends and family, now I got nothin but beef
WHAT THE [bad word] !?!
 [bad word] 

So-and-so hate me, blah-blah gon' get me
If I gotta go, y'all [bad word] wit me
I'ma walk like a soldier, talk like a soldier
Cinderblock stock, shootin straight from the shoulder
Just too much [bad word] in the air
Burn bridges you could never repair
I slap box with a bear
I can speak from experience, you speak from ignorance
I remove you, have your whole family feelin it
Y'all hate the fact that X-Man got hustle
Man vs Machine, mind vs. muscle
I drop concoctions, you leave me no options
Have your [bad word] screamin out, SOMEBODY STOP HIM!!
No more Mr. Nice Guy, I'm a tyrant
L.A.'s finest, Open Bar behind us
Don't look hard, it ain't too hard to find us
From here to infinity, [bad word] MY ENEMIES!
 [bad word]  - repeat 2X
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