Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Nothing, nothing, nothing, nothing
 [bad word] 
Nothing you can do (4X)

They say he's a radical, he don't fit the game
heart full of glory and a fist of pain
couple of battle scars but [bad word] s the same
Are you not entertained
So all the onlookers and the bystanders
Wait til [bad word] buy your camera
Record the moment, cause it'll be platinum
And you could say you [bad word] rock the stadium

[Verse 1]
I was told by a wise old [bad word] from the heart
Though I might've did The Light, I [bad word] from the dark
The dark knight to spark mics, and start fights
The warrior archetype like Kimbo Slice
It's strength in the beard, am I loved or feared
beast amongst boys like Paul I'm revered
Vroof, vroof vroof vroof vroof Vroof vroof well
Like Jacob Jewel, I keep clientele
You frail on the mic like you might break a nail
I might smoke a joint but I won't take the L
I knew a fat girl who broke the scale
Still touched down cause I was off Artell
Had dreams of breaking Mike Vick out of jail
Took the underground rail to the end that failed
I rebel, NYSL
Here to leave a trail like Nelson Mandela
 [bad word] 
Nothing you can do (4X)
 [bad word] 
My words is the sword, my skill is the shield
My life is the style I stay dressed to kill
legend like Will Smith with the steel
I could save the world when [bad word] get for real
Skinny George Foreman, all in your grill
My rhyme style is blind, it's all in the feel
Touch it and watch the blood fall with the steel
The weak raps you wrote you could call that your will
My drive VROOM is how I stay the livest
Your guys got you gassed, my flow is a hybrid
Crashed I survived it, gashes over eyelids
You easy to take out cause you hot garbage
I'm amped like wattage, the [bad word] [bad word] honest
Any moment opponents drop out like college
Kneel and pay homage to the rap Ziggy Stardust
Stadium hands in the air fists balled up
 [bad word] 
Nothing you can do (4X)
 [bad word] 
Feet in the dirt, blood on the shirt
Scars over bars, symbols of the work
Tight clothes the armor, center of the drama
Defeat your whole army like this is Sparta
So don't violate or you'll get violated
Some of you model [bad word] is so overrated
Don't mean to underrate it but [bad word] it I made it
In the water I waded on the corner I painted
Draw blood like we related
MCs get de-decapitated
Syncopated is the style that I fight with, write with
Mr. Excitement, change your face up like a white chick
Then light [bad word] up like a dread with the herbs
Get  in the city and head in the burbs
These are the words of a radical
The crowd applaud, I'm bowed, I'm proud
To be the gladiator
 [bad word] 
Nothing you can do (4X)
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