Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Some friends of mine,
 just the other night,
went to hear this cool cat blow.
They say he sang so good that the roof fell in,
and they didn't even stop the show.
They don't remember the place, 
but they remember the face,
and now everybody wanna go.
 [bad word] Top Jimmy cooks, 
Top Jimmy swings.
He's got the look. 
Top Jimmy, he's the king.

Jimmy on the television,
 famous people laughing with him,
Jimmy on the news at five.
Jimmy on the radio and even on the video,
that baddest cat alive.
Driving all the women crazy,
only want Jimmy-baby,
love it when he rolls his eyes.
 [bad word] guitar solo)
Juke-joint Jimmy is the latest thing,
he's got the sound that everybody digs.
And the joint been jumpin' when the band been pumpin'
and you know they're playing crazy gigs.
Well you ain't been living till you've seen the living thing,
Top Jimmy and his Rhythm [bad word]
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