The Alphabet (Prod. By Luke Christopher) (исполнитель: Luke Christopher)

Yeah, it goes A's for Ambition
what I wanna be
past the situation that's in front of me
Doubters and Enemies we say [bad word] 'em
The irony is they inspire me to love 'em
is past go and ignite the cash flow
And is put your Heart in whatever's your last hope
I is I Inspire but you light the fire so we be the street's number one supplier
And J is for them Jordan's for my niggas when I make it
Gimme two of those strange no name kicks
Earth, wind, and fire type elemental peace
That resembles me and here accounts for L-M-N-O-P
Q (Cue) the track up like R you impressed?
Get your bread kid but never let it go to your head
That's S for Success to be the best and
T is Teach back what you learnt that's next
Cause you U got the power V for voluntary action
W is Write out your life with a passion
X is Expect to fail, Y cease to dream
Even when you ain't catching them Z's and that's the alphabet

I've been trying for so long
Been surviving for so long
I know, I know that good things [bad word] I've been trying for so long
Been surviving for so long
I know, I know that good things [bad word]  they [bad word] 
[Verse 2]
Yo, think they starting to follow me
So is to Attempt to the change you wanna And is to be Different but tell us what you mean
Like are you one of them good guys or you one of them fiends
Either way you gotta uh huh, Elevate your mind right
Cause is for the Fine Life and that's how you define life
But I say is Get back to your home
And is Help the people that done helped you along
Aw yeah [bad word] if we go back to cause that's for Freedom
is keep your Good thoughts cause buddy you gonna need 'em
And is if your Hood starves buddy you gonna feed 'em
Cause it's bad enough when niggas get the check and get to leave in
J is for them jump-offs we wanted as kids
Looking through the glass seeing the life we wanna live in
M is mo' money, mo' problems in N-O is NO P's and that's pessimistic profits
Q, Quit thinking and R you still with me?
And S is Stress-less and T is To infinity
U, is that it's all about You and that's why
[bad word] [bad word] around and left out "I"
V-W is Very Wise and X is this Example
Why lie you got zip if you ain't got fam and that's the alphabet

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