The All-Destroying (исполнитель: Goatwhore)

[bad word] stone faces, dismantle this praise [bad word] ash of conquest, across faces of war

 self imploding flame of birth
 scorn and hate risen from ashes
 diving the divisions of [bad word]  dare to go where evil has no shame

 revolting the presence of question
 concealing this senseless bitter blood
 a hope for this landscape of terror, for the demands of this retribution

 raped soul of conformity
 let the blood flow from these wrists
 transparent emotion of rage, as flesh tears in the fall of hope

 reap benefit of gratifying torture
 vast scape of crimson realms
 [bad word] this dread of unknowing
 no higher vision shall curse my
 thoughts of devastation
 digested and forced
 this carnivorous state

 of primitive killing
 unleash [bad word] s wrath

 swallowed in blood and fire
 assume the birth rite of murder
 great genesis of reprisal
 spreading great wings of war

 taking the lives, of this resistance
 to fuel the machine, with endless carnage

 prolong the expication of faith in the jaws of fear
 satisfied in this excavation of the heavenly womb

 fed by flame, nourished by death
 I'm eating the blood
 tearing meat with teeth and nails
 the all-destroying
 devouring the hearts of the ancient ways
 a machine for the will of Satan
 whose tongues bless in diabolic spite
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