The Villagers (исполнитель: Iggy Pop)

The villagers are out tonight
Uptight and bored
They're pushing you
On wintry days they stand and gaze
Outlines in black and ignorant
Dark shadows house a sleepy malice
In the backbrain
Of every body you meet
Man is the village animal
United by the glue
Of our loathsome qualities
We are sneaking peeping toms
In revolt against each other
The villagers are most insane
They live to die anonymous
And muted to... villagers
In revolt against the other
But not against [bad word] So in the space age the village [bad word] On TV for all to see while some good men
Walk the streets
unh unh unh unh unh
The villagersssssss arghhh
You can't get lost you can't get lost
In the village of space you can't get lost
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