At the Pagan Samhain Night (исполнитель: Graveland)

Dark was the sky and cold was this night
 I saw in dusk the shifting stars
 Inside the circle of mysterious sings
 little casket drowned in blood
 The horned one gave me the key
 I opened the casket to see my fate
 The ultimate fate of mine
 Pagan warrior, son of the dark sky...
 Fire of eternal [bad word] inflamed the left path
 The priest of Darkness, [bad word] named Schakh
 He opened my third eye, his evil soul became mine
 We were bonded by blood, our hearts beat the same
 "Thou belong to me now, follow me in dawn
 We are the same, the soul of man
 Look in my eyes, see burning stars
 [bad word] the lier, create Dark Empire"
 Through the veil of fog I heard his voice
 I was cold, but sweet as an immortal dream
 I know the one taught to survive by the 
 carpathian code of life...
 He hold the silver sword and Black book
 The symbols of mystic strength and wisdom
 I understood these signs of Darkness
 My knowledge became my secret weapon...
 At the pagan Samhain night
 I entered the Darkside
 Evil arrived far from the North
 I know the might of Demonolord
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