Obstructed View (исполнитель: Rise Against)

To all you people standing proud, thinking you know what I’m about:
I think you can [bad word] yourself
From your safe distance in this crowd
That’s when your voice [bad word] so loud
Still trying to keep us down

Walk one mile in shoes I never asked to fill
But still press on….

I slipped, I fell, then I lost everything
My hope, my faith, in what the future brings
In hopes of pushing past the ties that keeps us down
We sing together now.

Give me one reason to look you in the eye
Tell me exactly why it is that you think you are worth my time

To all the ones that shakes my hand
Then talk your [bad word] behind my back
To those who claim they understand
But never heard a word of what I said
In spite of you I am still here
This vision has never been more clear
As we sing together now.
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Rise Against - Obstructed View?
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