Ван Пис - 14 Опенинг (исполнитель: ✖ Опенинги/Эндинги ✖)

Rise in the morning, Let's set out- right before dawn
Back on that journey- full of unforeseen tomorrows
It's our choice- one we do not, regret.
(Oh I know what I’m supposed to do now)

It doesn't matter- what trials, lie ahead,
Nothing can stop- this beating heart- and it says,
That there's only one place, to go~
(Fly to the light)

Through thick an' thin our bond's been forged through battle! (That's right)
You think you'll break it but OH- you've got [bad word] now! (That's right)
These clenched up fists will bring you down on your knees- I swear it,
An' you'll call me king!

We're ready to go!
The brand new world we've waited for is calling!
I want you to know though-
That seas can't spilt us- world can't hit us,
'cuz we're invincible!
Just [bad word] in me, and we will see
The things we've set our minds to be
But just don't forget-
We Fight Together!

I've ne~ver lost those mem~ories
Of the vast blue sky- taunting me with words of treasure, and ad-venture~
Since then I know that we [bad word] a long way,
Each of our hearts a diff'rent pledge- a diff'rent say~
As for mine, there's no doubt,
These things are with us forever...

The sun will rise
It's rays will brighten- 'our days- will lighten- surely
This- I believe in,
The present guides us, 'future binds us, 'till- we are one piece
The dawn [bad word]  let's get things done
You are my crew- 'can't replace you
But just don't forget-
We fight together.
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