Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

It always was
but it doesn`t evaporate in the light any more

And this world is no place
For a mind or a thought
No its not
Well thats been said before

But space and the woods still know who I am
and I know they don`t owe me anything
not after what I`ve done.

Put on my radiation suit and slip away
I`m on [bad word] from what I`ve [bad word] 
And this life (like [bad word] at a lot of different speeds
and I know they don`t owe me anything
not after what I`ve done

late on a Monday night

I`m on the grapevine
beating around the bush
adds to the bassline
thinking about the time
when I was dancing slow
and out of control

im [bad word] hot so say what you think about me
im not gonna cry cos i dont care (x2)

I`ve done nothing
I`ve done nothing
but they forgive anything
like how I don`t stop you
breaking my arms
and chopping me chopping me down
so I fit in your laptop

I`ve done nothing
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