Back Stabbers (исполнитель: Grand Puba)

Yeah, aight
 2000 [bad word]  to ya
 Yeah, here to talk about a situation you know
 That makes the world go round, check it

 It's on that love and hate tape, yaknahmsayin'?
 Be damned if you do, damned if you don't
 But I'ma rap on it a taste, yaknahmsayin'?
 I'ma let honey take it away, check it

 It's a thin line between love and hate
 It's a thin line, it's a thin line
 (Yeah, uhh)
 If you feel the vibe, yeah, no doubt
 It's time to set 'em straight

 No doubt, check it
 Well, it's four O'clock, in the mornin'
 Just gettin' in, baby love's askin', baby where you been?
 Tryin' to get mine but I've been sittin' waitin' all this time

 I got to grab this cream, while I got the chance
 Romance, without finance, you know the rest, baby
 It's just a nuisance, I'm sayin', act like you know
 Nuttin' can't grow if the dough don't flow

 But I'm just tryin' to get a-wit you
 Baby, I ain't tryin' to [bad word] you
 Why we gotta beef on the same old [bad word] 
 Because your friends you'd rather be with

 But when I'm with my friends, I don't go through that
 So you can pack your bags, they already packed
 Well, you ain't really my skin
 And your friends ain't really your friends

 They smile in your face
 All the time, they wanna take your place
 The back-stabbers, pocket-grabbers
 They smile in your face
 All the time, they wanna take your place
 The back-stabbers, pocket-grabbers

 I told my man that I gave my girl the outs
 Crib to the head, king size bed
 That love [bad word] is dead, so let's call some chicken-heads
 Tell 'em do the spread while we bein hand-fed

 We had it goin' for the first two weeks
 I bumped into my ex, and she asked, "Could we speak?"
 I told her, made it quick
 And this is what she kicked, dig it

 Hey baby, how you doin'? Fine
 I heard that you and your friends be havin' good times
 No doubt, [bad word] through in the clutch
 That [bad word] ain't really your friend, what?

 I wish you wouldn't [bad word] him so much
 You got a problem?
 I think you really [bad word] him too much
 'Cause he's the best friend, I got, no, he's not!

 The last time you went out of town, yeah
 Guess who came creepin' around? Yeah
 Whatchu sayin'? He started sayin' that you're no good for me
 But all that drama wasn't tryin' to see

 Talkin' 'bout all the other girls you got
 Oh, the [bad word] went out like that? Oh [bad word] 
 Steppin' to me, tryin' to blow up the spot
 Tell me boy, is that your friend? No, no, no, [bad word] 
 It's a thin line, between love and hate
 Love and hate, love and hate
 If you feel the vibe boy, it's time to set him straight
 Oh, I'ma set that [bad word] straight

 It's a thin line boy, between love and hate
 If you take your time, it'll be worth your wait

 Boy, I tell you these days
 You don't even know who to [bad word]  yaknahmsayin'?
 That's how love do, that's how hate do, knahmsayin'?
 It's all connected, it's all injected, knahmsayin'?
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