The Essential (жанры:00s)

  1. Hold the Line
  2. Georgy Porgy
  3. I'll Be Over You
  4. Can You Hear What I'm Saying?
  5. I Won't Hold You Back
  6. Stop Loving You
  7. Make Believe
  8. Waiting for Your Love
  9. Don't Chain My Heart
  10. I'll Supply The Love
  11. 2 Hearts
  12. Slipped Away
  13. The Road Goes On
  14. Stranger in Town
  15. Goodbye Elenore
  16. I Will Remember
  17. Holyanna
  18. How Does It Feel
  19. Without Your Love
  20. If You Belong To Me
  21. Home of the Brave
  22. The Turning Point
  23. Just Can't Get To You
  24. Mindfields
  25. On The Run
  26. Caught In The Balance
  27. The Other Side
  28. Baby He's Your Man
  29. Dave's Gone Skiing
  30. Till the End
  31. A Hazy Shade of Winter
  32. Ring of Fire
  33. Europa
  34. That's the Way of the World
  35. Family Affair
  36. Summertime
  37. Chimes of Freedom
  38. Love on the Rocks

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