Babalon (исполнитель: Unwritten Law)

Sit back, relax
Before you give yourself a heart attack
And I ain't havin' none of that 
Raise [bad word]  prevail as long as it sells
(as it sells)
High priest, all cease like your TV envagalist
Use them as a catalyst
Who cares
Time wears
Ain't always fair 
So let them stare

And what's been wrong I'll make alright
Well right on, right on

Let's start a chain reaction
Let's see some satisfaction
Here in Babalon

I've seen the change deranging everything in sight tonight, but that's alright
There's not much left here to ignite
(to ignite)
I'd take a laser phaser gun and aim it at the sun
And pull the [bad word]  trigger once
But what fun would that be
It's already done
And that's no fun

But what's been wring I'll make alright
Well right on, right on

Feeding my brains addictions
Leaving the same restrictions
Here in Babalon
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Unwritten Law - Babalon?
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