Rescue Me (исполнитель: Unwritten Law)

Shut down 
Fallin' over once again 
Dropped out 
Hand extended from a friend 
Looked up 
And there's you lookin' in 
And who cares 
Cause no one's lookin' anyway 
My vision lost it yesterday 
And that's fine 
Don't mind feelin' that way 
Just don't let me lie here by myself 
 [bad word] 
Let's go, I know I'm faded 
Outta sight 
Just stay with me, I don't wanna go home 
Outta sight 
So rescue me, I don't wanna go 

And take me back to the start again 
Ducked out 
Cause paranoia's settin' in 
But I'm 
With you until the end 
One ride 
We'll drive around the parking lot 
No pride 
Cause I don't seem to care a lot 
No cash 
This change is all I got 
Just don't let me ride here by myself 
 [bad word] 

So set still 
One last thrill 
Just stay with me and we'll never go home 
All right 
So rescue me and we'll never go 

One more ride 
One time once again 
Just climb in 
I'm still climbing
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Unwritten Law - Rescue Me?
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