Crybaby (исполнитель: Tech N9ne)

I was born in 71' in Kansas City, MO 
my momma was a heavenly one, so the fam was pretty slow 
when it came to rap and R&and plenty more 
check it, if it wasn't on gospel, apostle 
or written in the Bible, then it go 
So when they tell the baby don't do something then I end up doing it anyway 
like, don't listen to rap, it's the evil music of today 
but, I really fell in love with the sound that [bad word] out form the East Coast 
So we got it and twisted it up a bit, now the industry's having a heatstroke 
Some say that rap is dead, but when I get the white, black, and red 
and jump on the tour bus, do 58 shows, then I'm back with a big black sack of bread 
Can't believe that that was said, cause I'm here with a stack of fed 
and I got it from rap/hip-hop or whatever and I did not have to beg 
So, here I stand, the mic in hand with my rap attire 
and I like my fans spending grands cause we got the fire 
I merchandise like 5 G's every half an hour 
and you cry like a baby so your mic must be your pacifier 

When I read the magazine, them rapper's sounding like 
WAH WAH WAH (Crybaby) 
When I see them on the TV, them rapper's sounding like 
WAH WAH WAH (Whatcha crying bout?) 

If it's negative, I don't wanna hear it 
eliminating player haters with their evil spirits 

I hear em talkin, they mad at Smurf and Souljah Boy 
They hating big in the magazine, and dont even know the boys 
I know the ploy, washed up rappers wanna attack people [bad word] up to the car, pull out the mac lethal 
Man that's a problem with the black people now 
What ya need to know is that, in the world there's a lot of dough to stack 
And the ones that wanna hold us back ain't been outside they cul-de-sac 
Every [bad word] I know is strapped, rip shows that'll blow ya back 
But notice that, I can put it right down to where the shoulders at 
Hating on the south? Why? Trippin off them chips they got 
You don't like that it's screwed and chopped 
but you wanna get off in they pot 
Wanna be MC you talk a lot, up in the spot and you hot 
Cause they 84's be poking out 
What the [bad word] is you cryin bout? 
Everybody wanna be killa but not for reala 
bout the method of making money you gotta get the milla 
by doin it like I do it do the work and believe in it 
when you do it to the fullest aint no problem achieving it 
When I was broke, homie I went for mills 
Got on the mic with the intent to kill 
Stronger than ever, and you a gimp for real 
I drink caribou lou, and you drink enfamil CHUMP 

When I read the magazine, them rapper's sounding like 
WAH WAH WAH (Crybaby) 
When I see them on the TV, them rapper's sounding like 
WAH WAH WAH (Whatcha crying bout?) 

You should be clapping when folk make it up outta the ghetto 
or trailer park, it don't matter even if he black or if he guerro 
but, you don't know how to be male 
instead of a Timberland, you probably in a stilletto 
better yet in a baby shoe, jealous or maybe you 
sick of me cause I'm making dinero 
and you dont wanna get clapped at 
you want a standing ovation? I thought not! 
you say you better than rappers on radio, man that's false chop 
try [bad word] up on me, cause a benzo will never be in your car slot 
try to step up on the scene, my infra-red beam's right at your soft spot 
if you was on TV and balling you wouldn't groan and trip 
he'd keep hatred, envy, and bloodshed on his lip 
Tech got long cream with chrome things on his whip 
?? with a chrome thing on his hip 
but just know your hip will not stop the hop 
cause when you look at the big picture, my block pops alot daily 
so keep on thinking my clock stops the shots 
and I can quickly bury you in your Osh Kosh B'Gosh, baby 

When I read the magazine, them rapper's sounding like
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