Silence (Original Mix) (исполнитель: Vargo)

Flowing silence is love
Shared silence is friendship
Silence sees is infinity
Vibrating silence is creation
Expressed silence is beauty
Maintained silence is strength
Allowed silence is rest
Received silence is joy
Perceived silence is knowledge
Silence alone is being
Silence alone is being
Are you drowning in the noises
That surround you every day
Do you [bad word] to keep them at bay
And it times does it feel
Like you’re loosing the way
Are you tempted by the vaices
Trying to lead us all astray
Do not always believe what they say  [bad word] along peace and quiet
are not so far away
 [bad word] 
If your mind is a tune
Feel the silence
You don’t know what to do
Feel the silence it is inside of you
Feel the silence
If you listen you can hear it
The silence in you…
The silence is you
Ae you looking for a heaven
Anywhere you may roam
There is a shelter, an oasis of your own [bad word] along
You will find
You are already home
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