Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

I know that's wrong, I know what's right
Try to do good not trip off life.
Stupid people all around me worried about
fame, and worried aboud bling.

I've seen that evidently it takes a lot for me,
To give up on a pacifist attitude.
I live a lifetime of love, with or without you.

 [bad word] 
Bring back love,
Blue sky, sunshine, bring back love the
writing's on the wall.
I said the writings on the wall.
Bring back love, I'm telling all of y'all.
I see those faces, unhappy faces,
You don't have to lose your integrity,
when love and passion is all you need.
People have seemed to lost their respect
and dignity.
To spread love to everybody,
even if yhey're mean.
Across the nation, until I die,
is my intention.

Repeat [bad word] 

One two...
It's hard to break down, so how,d you
do that, how'd you do that,
If love vas the first thing bringin' you back,
bringin' you back,
That's bringin' me back, results of
Insolence over 3-tracks,
Your heat palpitates for a piece of that,
Adrenaline like twenty lil men, from within,
It's only that we begin to win.
And bring back love.

Repeat [bad word]
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