Warriors (Original Mix) [feat. Dan Millman] (исполнитель: Vargo)

The most precious thing to me will always be the present moment

Dive down into the deep
Backward through the hate
There is a mighty seed
That’s attracted you since everlasting moments
Jump into the abyss
To the bottom of your soul
Dig up what there is
sleeping giant waiting to awake

Calling the warriors
Now is the time for us
Release the warriors
Conceive the genius
In you

The peaceful warrior’s way is founded not on my opinion or a set of beliefs
But rather on reality as it unfolds
It’s not about morals or moral concepts
It’s about action and consequence
It takes courage to live in this world
And it takes courage to love in this world
That’s why I describe all of us as peaceful warriors in training in the school of daily life

Instantly you feel
That you are not alone
Arising from the unreal
Is an army of lovers standing by your side

Calling the warriors…

I once saw a little man on a bullet train on a train station in Japan
And his job was to clean the platform
And I saw him polishing the railing
And he took such pride in doing this work that most of us would consider not very creative work But he was like a zen master
This was his service
And it is no less important and no lower status than an author, musician, doctor, lawyer
As long as we do what we do well
And we remember that we’re doing it for these other parts of ourselves we call other people
To me that is the important thing

Calling the warriors…

One of the most interesting definitions of enlightenment I’ve ever heard and I never forgot
Enlightenment was described as: having one’s heart and mind rise to the heights of ecstasy
And then sink to the depth of despair alternating at the speed of light between the two
The world is unfolding perfectly — just as it is

Calling the warriors…
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