Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

My [bad word] has two sets of lips
But I don't get monthly blood drips
My [bad word] hardly even used

My [bad word] #39;s got lots of extra skin
They took my outtie and made it an in
Changing Donnie to Marie Osmond

Operation successfull
But now I gotta pee
Through a miniature hole
Gotta remember to put the seat down
And when I wipe my [bad word] 
I go from front to back
Cause I don't want a bladder infection

I never thought I'd miss my vas deferans
I traded it in for a pair of huge cans
Now I get to hang with lesbians

Operation paid up front
Now I show all my friends
My new designer [bad word] 
They think I'm kinda weird
But that's OK with me
Cause now I kick their [bad word] 
Playing from the ladies tee
There's nothing finer than having a [bad word]
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Неизвестен - Отсутствует?
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