- The Only Good Neighbor (исполнитель: Death in June)

Artist: Death in June (UK)
Song: The Only Good Neighbor (track 3)
Album: Abandon Tracks! (2005)

Medusa's head, I've planted on a pillow 
Invoking [bad word]  
Hagalaz, Isa, and Tiwaz 
and even Nauthiz just for good measure 
This gift is for you 
My foul-mouthed neighbor 
It's just the beginning of your ... cancer 
Those spikey thorns are deep within 
Piercing, slashing, not so slowly 
taking pleasure in devouring 
Out of my life 
Your misery shall be 
My southern existence 
My simple, easy victory 
Now the stars 
They are so plenty 
Amongst the Gums 
Your home dies empty 
You're deep in [bad word] 
Your head on a platter 
You were a waste of space 
You didn't matter 
I'll be happy 
as happy as can be 
Your sacrifice, your nothingness 
My beautiful, silent liberty
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