Fuck This Christmas (исполнитель: Earl Sweatshirt)

[bad word] to my home, the place that I hate
The place that I love, the Planet of the Apes
The place that I loathe, the boy minus father
Equals boy minus heart, always testing mama
Mic sessions thrash, life lessons trashed
Nights get cold as the knife that I grab
Zoom to your wife room take her life with a stab
Sure her [bad word] look nice, but nicer in a bag
And slung over shoulder, village slum soldier
Bayonet bloods when my [bad word] over
With sith lord dark side of the force
In the [bad word] of a Porsche tryna butt [bad word] Yoda
Shotgun, drop T, Earl flow shogun
Jabbing with a pen while you [bad word] getting toes done
Hold up, I was four going on grown up
So before you niggas tell me I'm nuts, you better grow some, [bad word] 
[Hook:] [bad word] this Christmas [bad word] this Christmas  [bad word] [bad word] Santa Claus) [bad word] this Christmas
Ain't nothing for you (Ain't no gift for you)

[Verse 2: Tyler]
Crazy [bad word] in the North Pole [bad word] And the punk nut-crackers couldn't cuff us, how I [bad word] her
( From: [bad word] /www.elyrics.net )
It was quiet how I stepped in, I crept in with my [bad word] out
Now she's having make-out sessions with my weapons [bad word] a fifth of eggnog, stole Santa's reindeer
Joy-rode the North Pole, steering is a [bad word] so
I hopped out and ask some Jasper elves for some info
Where I can burn some Christmas trees with large amounts of thick snow
I've been acting naughty problem child in attendance
John Ritter said he taught me how to [bad word] a Christmas
Dismissing all the wanting and the presents are forsaken
See if you're the gift from God then I'm the Christmas wrap from Satan


[Outro: Hodgy]
You, [bad word] you can't get nothing
No more, no more presents, no more cranberry sauce [bad word] you can't get nothing no more
No more fleeces for your caprices and [bad word] [bad word] give me my [bad word]  presents back, ain't none for you
Alright for real, you gon' have to give me my [bad word] presents back
Cause those are for my grandma, yeah that thong, that was for my grandma
Give me my presents back, give me my gifts
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