Mirror of Souls (исполнитель: Theocracy)

I. The House Of Mirrors

Listen to the tale I tell
a haunting dream I know so well
When walking home alone one night
my path revealed by candlelight
Ahead I see an open door
with no idea what's in store
I glance inside the door to see
a hall of mirrors beckons me
I take a breath and step inside
a tale of love and shattered pride
The door slams shut, I start [bad word] And it seems my journey has begun...
 [bad word] and turn from side to side
with fear and panic in my eyes
The vastness overwhelming me
mirrors far as the eye can see
I see myself in every one
I see the things that I have done
thousand forms of flattery
the fear soon turns to haughtiness in me

Different mirrors, different shapes
my different strengths accentuate
Each mirror has a name and face
and all reflect me in some way
I look at them to see myself
to judge my life by someone else
The metaphors within replete:
the mirrors are the people that I met

Look at the man you see - in the mirrors
The things you can be - in the mirrors
The glory of me revealed in the mirror's eye
The mirror never lies
The fire in my eyes - in the mirrors
The vanity rise - in the mirrors
The power of [bad word] alive in the mirrors

Gazing in the mirrors I behold
All the greatest chapters of my story ever told
In the mirrors
The world is turned to gold

Orchestral section

At the end of the Hall of Mirrors
I behold a golden door
I imagine all the beauty
the other side must hold in store
So I quickly reach out my hand
To enter the next room in this promised land
I pull the giant door open
To continue my journey, I step inside
But it slams shut behind me, and I'm back outside
The pouring rain [bad word] me
into the arms of the coldest, blackest night

II. The Stranger In The Storm

The light of the mirrors has faded away
into distant memory
As the rain [bad word] down
My candle extinguished
I [bad word] to walk a path I cannot see
And the rain [bad word] down

The darkness grows with every step
I could cut it with a knife
As the rain [bad word] down
I can't see a thing and I've never felt
so alone in all my life
But the rain [bad word] down...

Caught in the fury of the storm
(The darkness suffocates)
Body and soul weary and worn
(Another twist of fate)
Never been so afraid before
(The ending of this tale?)
Never should have opened the door
(From euphoria to [bad word] 

I question my fate, my end
to die in this storm
Maybe this was the plan
back from the day I was born
But in the hall of mirrors I had felt so high
I cannot walk another mile in this flood
So resigned to my fate, I just collapse in the mud
If I cannot go on, I'll just lay down and die

Suddenly a light I see, shining in the distance
I make my way toward it with my fading hope reborn
As I draw near, the light is clear
Though the rain beats its resistance
But I press on and pray this is a shelter from the storm
Advancing now toward the light
I'm quickly moving forward
This hope has given me new strength
I thought I'd never know
But I take a step, and fall right back
For the ground's gone beneath me
And I behold, illuminated in the light's warm glow
dark chasm, a great abyss
vast expanse of nothingness
pit that has no bottom as far as the eye can see
It spans the whole horizon, and there is no way across
My lonely heart is shattered and all hope I had is lost

I'm startled to feel a hand on my shoulder
I turn to see a shadowed figure standing in the rain
But somehow I'm not afraid of him
Even when he speaks my name
And somehow I can tell that he means me no harm
Just by the peace that I see in his eyes
And even though I've never even seen him before
It's like he's known me all my life
"Why are you cryin
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