Good Girl (исполнитель: ZOEgirl)

You walk a narrow road
I know you face it on your own
But you've got the will inside
I can see it in your eyes
You're not about mini skirts
And silly reasons just to flirt
'Cause you've got heaven on your side
And that's how you live your life

Hang on, good girl, you're not the only one
Be strong, good girl, when the [bad word] 
When they try to bring you down
You'll be glad you stood your ground
So just hang on

You've seen a lot of things
You're the keeper of many dreams
You've got everything it takes
To stay strong, carry on
You're sick of childish games
You speak the [bad word] and you say it straight
And when your dreams have been delayed
You've got the strength to wait
So keep on waiting

You're not sugar and spice and everything nice
You've got character and you paid the price
You're not after self-perfection
You're living out your redemption
What sets you apart from everyone else
Is that you know your Savior and you know Him well
What makes you different from all the rest
Is that you won't let it get to you
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