Murder Reign (исполнитель: Ja Rule)

Yea [echoes]
I feel the [bad word] down on me [bad word]  heh [echoes]
When the sun gon' shine? [echoes]
My lord, somebody help us all, heheh [echoes]

[singer: repeat in background]
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
 [bad word] over singer] [bad word] baby!
Last Temptation, time to kill these niggaz
Dear Lord, can you, feel my pain
 [bad word] 
If you can't it's alright, cause I'ma live my life anyway
Just let, it, rain - on me
I feel, so free like a, cool breeze
And when the sun, gon', shine
Fold up the mini-blinds, load up the lucky 9
And hit 'em up from behind
That's, my, life - and it'll never be the same
Ever again, the game is to blame
Don't get caught up in your Range Rover, pullin over
On the Westside highway shoulder, [bad word] I'll blow ya
like a windshield, leave yo' mind on the windshield
And have yo' whip doin windmills, that's what rain feels
like, when it's hittin a little harder than drizzle
And pickles flyin out pistols, gotta niggaz cryin they Christians and
I can't believe [bad word] [bad word] to this
It's unheard of, now it's gonna reign down murder
 [bad word]  singer]
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
I think the reign is calling murder
 [bad word] 
God only breathes with the best of them, bury the rest of them
storm [bad word]  I got a hundred [bad word] head start
on these niggaz cause it's murder for life [bad word]  [bad word]  and money be my only vice
But I'm livin life in the fast lane, doin the [bad word] thang
In the Ferrari hard top watchin "Hard Rain"
It's a [bad word] shame, no more games
No more love, baby boy I throw back slugs
through your Green Bay throwback, I hits that up
And let you know where the reign is from
You ever heard of mixin whiskey with [bad word]  You get Biggie
Mix gin with a little cocaine, you got me
And my style is a little too savage to not be
Be looked upon as one of the illest to MC
Y'all niggaz want it with me? That [bad word] s unheard of
Cause niggaz, now it's gonna reign down murder
 [bad word] 

Nobody loves me
 [bad word] 
Sometimes I wish the good Lord [bad word] down and hug me
I take a look at my life, it's gettin ugly
And now I know that you all wanna slug me
I can get above it, it's my life and I dug it
Even though I live it close to the edge
I'm gettin closer to death, with eve-rrry little step
that I take, in the awake of my last days
I hope the sun shines with a light rain
That would mean the world shared my pain
And now the world could be happy again, smile
Cause if I ever walk "The Green Mile"
You can look at me and blame it on my lifestyle
What can I say? I was raised as an only child, lonely
Poppa disowned me, so the streets raised me
To call me crazy is not unheard of
Now it's gonna reign down murder
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Ja Rule - Murder Reign?
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