Straight Edge Power (исполнитель: xHARAMx)

We have a lot оf things to do
In this world of self satisfaction.
Gonna clean our mind first of all
Before we can fight the pressure
From the system of stupid consumers,
From people who don't [bad word] themselves.
People, who refuse to change,
People, who remain life users.
Ready to meet the aggression every hour
Face to face.
Straightedge power!

The revival must begin,
And the sooner it will be - the better.
The future may [bad word] 
We may not save on the planet.
To reach the world we admire
Stand side by side.
Straightedge power!

Don't dream to make the world anew.
You can save the new generation
From being swallowed by evil.
Just give them the chance of salvation.
This is my meaning of life
And I hope I’ll be able to keep it
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