Dedicated (исполнитель: Funkdoobiest)


This goes out to all my peoples in the city
Making ends meat, getting by
Thinking 'bout the hustle, everybody [bad word] for the answer
Confusion will attack in a cold blooded manner
But cancer kills my society
No need to lie to me
Real people fighting always try to be
Correct with the mental and upright with the info
Catching [bad word]  paying dues, but could it be so simple
The dark cold planet, you can't take the drama
Don't worry, underpriviledged got the bullet proof armor
Surviving's just a job as they dodge caps daily
People goin crazy 
Everyone who raised me
Thanks to my moms, and thanks to my pops
And thanks to the youth rowdy on the roof top
Who warned me of trouble, so son get the bonus
I dedicate this to those who kept me focused

To my brother Big E, yo rest in peace
To the dead money makers, rest in peace
To my little cousin Shawn, rest in peace
To the slang gang bangers, rest in peace
 [bad word] Dedicacted(repeated)
I've got to live kid

This goes out to all my peoples locked down
And waiting for the days to see the sun and the clouds
The stormy weather came, of course we ignored it
Praying for parole in prison, see the warden
Release from the pen, 8 to 10 on your feet
You're working, building, staying strong, watch the heat
Deciet lies snitching, you became a victim
The [bad word] sewed you quick on the phone in the kitchen
Nightmares and troubles, remembering the vision
Times is [bad word] when nobody listens
Is this because they forget and regret 
To acknowledge one another, but all do respect 
To the veterns, experts, inmates in the cell 
Keep your eyes on the prize, see you soon wish you well

To my brothers doing life, rest in peace
To my man on this disc, rest in peace
To my brother Carl Capone, rest in peace
To all the lost souls, rest in peace
 [bad word] 
This is dedicated to the niggas on the block 
Serving up those rocks and keeping knots 
This is dedcated to them girls of the night
Rock on, 'til the break of light 
This is dedicated to the bms, the benz, and the jeeps 
And the city that don't sleep 
Dedicated, dedicated to the herb and smuggling


Much love for Puerto Rico 
And my homeboy Tito 
This is dedicated the sun, the moon, and the stars
Peace to all the gods


This is dedicated to my niggas on the Hill and in the House 
You know what it's about 
This is dedicated to Gunsmoke, the 1 30 crew


To Miss Rosa May, rest in peace
To the baby who's aborted, rest in peace
To my uncle Pop-o, rest in peace
For those who lost their minds, rest in peace


Mr. Robert Blundin, rest in peace
To the child in the drive-by, rest in peace
To the one called stompa, rest in peace
To those who overdosed, rest in peace
 [bad word] 
Rest in peace
Dedicated(fades with song)
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