Keeping fit (исполнитель: BBC Weekender)

Callum: Hello, I'm Callum Robertson and this is Weekender.
Today, Friday April 7th is World Health Day. day promoted by the World
Health Organisation to raise awareness of health issues around the world.
This got me thinking about my own health and fitness and that of my
colleagues. Do we take good care of our bodies? Do we try and stay fit. I asked
my colleagues what they do to keep fit and healthy. Listen out for the things
that they say, how many different things are mentioned?
I go to the gym very sporadically and I don't own a car so I walk everywhere and I walk very
To keep fit I cycle to and from work everyday, so I feel that keeps me pretty fit. But
sometimes I also go to the gym.
Well the main thing I do is I go to the gym and I go pretty much like clockwork because I do
think it's important to go regularly.
I don't really do anything to keep fit and healthy.
I do a lot of walking and I try to go to the gym when I can but unfortunately I haven't actually
been for a while.
Well I'll tell you one thing I don't do, I never go to gyms, I don't like gyms at all. In the
summer I play tennis but I'll tell you what I do every day – I walk my kids to school. That's
about a three kilometre walk, that's pretty good!
I try to go to the gym every week if I can, but I haven't actually been for the last three weeks,
so that's pretty bad.
Callum: There 4 different things mentioned there, did you catch them all? There was
cycling, walking, playing tennis and a lot of mentions of going to, and not
going to the gym there. Matt, the first speaker talked about going 'sporadically'
to the gym, which means, not going very often, not regularly. Jackie, on the
other hand likes to go regularly, she says she goes like clockwork. Elena and
Helen both try to go to the gym but not really seem to manage and Doug
doesn't go at all.
I have to say that I am a member of a gym, but recently I haven't been going
regularly. I do cycle about 24 kilometres a day – but I wish I was more
dedicated in going to the gym. To help regain my motivation I went and talked
to someone who goes to the gym every day. That's right, every day. He's
Rodney Mitchell, manager of a local gym. I asked him what he does to keep fit.
He talks about training, which is doing exercises and weight training, which is
lifting heavy weights to build up your muscles and also cardio exercises.
Cardio is short for Cardio Vascular – which describes exercises which are good
for your heart and lungs. Listen to Rodney, how often and how long does he
Rodney Mitchell 1
I train on a good week, four times a week and each session will last about an hour, I have a,
mainly train doing resistance training, weight training. And a little cardio, not as much as I
should but a little cardio.
Callum: Rodney trains for about an hour, four times a week! That's a lot more than
everybody I spoke to! I asked him how important he thought doing regular
exercise and keeping fit is.
Rodney Mitchell
Well I feel that it is relatively important as there are lots of health benefits to be gained from
exercise. As we see increasingly now people are [bad word] more and more obese so to put in a
small amount of exercise can help to reduce a person's calories and so forth, so yea, on a
health aspect on also the general well-being you get from exercise I'd [bad word] it.
Callum: He thinks that doing exercise is good for your health, it can help you lose
weight by burning calories – calories is the term for the energy we get from
food. Doing exercise, he says, can also give you a sense of 'general well-being',
which is when you feel good in yourself.
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