Oceangrave (исполнитель: Disarmonia Mundi)

Gathering regrets 
Beyond loneliness 
Restless lunacy release me 
From my agony 
The silent waves are calling 
Piercing louder through my brains 

Weathering distress
Offering collapse
Silent dream state
Awake me from my endless pain
The silent wave are calling

If I should fall into the sea 
Where you still wait for me 
If I could wake you from your sleep 
And fly away from here 

The chilling wind is gone 

The still moon hangs silent and full 
Leaving all my dreams 
Broken on my feet 
Relief [bad word] 
So better leave this place right now 
lonely rainy day 
Just forget my name 

Will I ever reach your endless flow  [bad word] on my knees heaven's fall 

Still my horizon's turning blue 
Through my brain 
Killing my senses rising through 
My oceangrave 

And now 
Release my tragedy 
And sanctify my curse 
Obey the infamy 
Of heavens down below 

Bleeding forth the source of freedom 
Paralyzed a never ending fall 

Slaughtering regrets 
Beyond emptiness 
Restless agony release me 
From my lunacy 
And so I'll take this ride 
Into the streams of the sky 

And now I fall into the sea 
Where you still breathe with me 
For I can wake you from your sleep 
And fly away from here
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