Отсутствует (исполнитель: Неизвестен)

Ahehe hem ahahahem C'mon and listen to the mole rat
Nehnehnehnehneh Hit it!

Yo listen up have a holla from ron
Naked mole rap is the name of this song
Here's a story, you know its glory and its hot
Bet you don't the [bad word] is how ron [bad word] Never heard a cat whine,
Never heard a puppy purr.
My dad's alergic to every kind of fur.
So I searched for hairless pets
On the internet.
Saw a pet with a pink thing,
Gonna need some sun screen!
 [bad word] 
What is that?
That freaky thing?
(yes thats right
Its a naked mole rat)
C'mon yall,
Let the girlies sing!
(Listen to the naked mole rap)


What is that,
That freaky thing?
Yes thats right its a naked mole rat,
C'mon I can't hear the girlies sing
Listen to the naked mole rap


I heard smarty Mart was havin' a sale,
On a hairless pink rodent,
With a long skinny tail.
I said this could be a soloution
the perfect pet,
For my dads sacred constitution?
The manager came,
To open the cage.
He said:
"You know this pet is hairless."
I said:
" I couldnt care less!"
Handed him to me,
Dont drop it!
And do want this cage"
"No I'll keep 'im in ma pocket"
 [bad word] 

What is that,
that freaky thing?
yes thats right its a naked mole rat
Gonna buy me, some bling bling
listen to the naked mole rap

Who oh Who oh huh spike spike spike who oh who oh ooh super freak ooh spike spike spike

Guitar baby, uh [bad word] in [bad word] the naked mole rat

Nah nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahnahanahnahnahnahnahnahnah
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