Call thy name,“Stella Mystica” (исполнитель: Daisuke Ono)

Night above the forest
Through dusty moonlight
He, a crystal [bad word] falling with grace

Embrace like a snake
Trace through my silk nape
Kiss to my fate
Fulfill my desires

Shadows and lying blue dolls
Make thee much delighted

Don’t be [bad word] to me
Call thy name
“Stella Mystica”

Bite off a ripe clove
Undress my red corset
Wander the castle
Till we’re one again

Pillows and wallow pleasure
Tell me how do you dream
To be a bird?
Most certainly

Take me where dreams fill darkness

Shadows and lying blue dolls
Bring thee much rejoices

Right indeed
Time for peace

Call thy name
“Stella Mystica”
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Daisuke Ono - Call thy name,“Stella Mystica”?
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