In The Nervous Light Of Sunday (исполнитель: Circle Takes The Square)

Whispers invoke the artists of this tragically
seemless, ill fated tapestry, blistered fingers
are tending their loom. She collects the strands
to braid into life. Logging the weft of an
ageless, woven infinity, countless raw fibers are
clawing the frame. woman's work is never done,
but the final stitch has got [bad word]  and so three
witches contend to slice the very last thread
(that you curse, curse constantly) But nothing's
immortal, [bad word] is not guaranteed- a
yearling who bears our sincere passions is chosen,
frozen and quivering, like a thread in the wake of
a blade. So [bad word]  so we sacrifice. [bad word] nothing, but that which secures a [bad word] life, risk as the indication of a
healing sacrifice. Destroy the altar whose
boundaries tides will never exceed, ignite the
pyres underneath a sedated mythology. Five decades
his lifetime, and his life's work is just fading
scratches in stone. She tends the numerals,
counting fingers, counting her toes. Keeping track
of the time racing, years wasting (dance to the
sound of his weight bearing back breaking)
infinite ages the length of this quilt's making.
And we dance, we dance in the stronghold... That
you curse, curse constantly, of the needle's
sheen. Do you feel this thin strand resting in a
pinch? That's the thread that you curse, curse
constantly. An eternal patch on a quilt that hangs
from a wall in a throw frought with our decay...
From six states away, five years of guilt
postmarked four days before my escape. All I ever
asked was for a clean break. In the first nervous
light of the day, collecting the novels whose
scribes sought to keep me contained. My dad's
favorite novel on top of the pile, in the self
concious first light shake the memory of his
smile, igniting these volumes, igniting these
volumes I'm warmed by the flames. Alter the
deafening earthen tones... In the nervous light, I
dance in the nervous light and I'm warmed by the
flames. Dance to the sound of his weight bearing
back [bad word] breaking. Alter the pitch of his
weight bearing back breaking, dictate the pitch of
his weight bearing back breaking, Alter the tone
of your weight bearing back breaking, we can mend
all the seams that were torn during our backs
slowly breaking. In the nervous light...
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