Honesty (исполнитель: Beyoncé Giselle Knowles)

If you search
For tenderness
It isn't hard to find
You can have the love
You need to live
But if you look
For [bad word] 
You might just
As well be blind
It always seems to be
So hard to give

 [bad word] ]
Is such a lonely word
Everyone is so [bad word] 
Is hardly ever heard
And mostly
What I need from you

I can always
Find someone
To say
They sympathize
If I wear my heart
Out on my sleeve
But I don't want
Some pretty face
To tell me
Pretty lies
All I want
Is someone
To believe

 [bad word] 

I can find a lover
I can find a friend
I can have security
Until the bitter end
Anyone [bad word] me
With promises again
I know, I know

When I'm deep
Inside of me
Don't be
Too concerned
I won't ask
For nothin'
While I'm gone
But when I want
Tell me where else
Can I turn
You're the one
That I depend upon

 [bad word]
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