[Silent Hill 2 Original Trailer Music (Promise/Theme of Laura)] (исполнитель: Akira Yamaoka)

Maria: James, honey, did something happened to you? After we got separated 
Are you confusing me with someone else? Ha, you're really so forgetful. Remember that time in the hotel? You said you took everything, but you forgot that video taping me. I wonder if it still there. I'm not your Mary.

Mary: Are you taping [bad word] on! I don't know why, but i just love it here. It's so peaceful. You know what i heard? This whole area used to be a sacred place. I think i can see why. It's too bad we have to leave. Please promise you'll take me again, James!

Laura: Ha-ha!
James: Hey, wait!

Eddie: Just put the gun to their head. Pew!

Maria: "Anyway"?! What do you mean "anyway"?! You seem not happy to see me!

Eddie: What do you mean "just for that"?
James: Eddie, you can't just kill someone cause of the way they looked at you!
Eddie: Oh yeah? Why not?!

Maria: Why didn't you try to save me? Or you care about that dead wife of yours? I've never been so scared in my whole life!

Eddie: Like that stupid dog! He had [bad word] too!

Angela: Lost?

James: What was a girl like you doing here anyway?
Laura: Ah? Are you blind or something?
James: What's that letter?
Laura: None of your business. You didn't love Mary anyway!

Maria: Do i look like your girlfriend?
James: No, my late wife. Can't believe it, you can be her twin! Your face, your voice, just your hair and clothes are different.
Maria: My name is Maria. I'm look like her ghost, do i?

Angela: Oh, it's you.

James: [bad word] with me?
Maria: You were gonna just leave me?
James: No, but...
Maria: With all these monsters around?
James: No, i just...

Maria: I’m here for you, James. See? I'm real.
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