For El Ahraihrah To Cry (исполнитель: Fall of Efrafa)

There is no all seeing, all loving God who keeps us free from harm. Atheism is not a recipe for despair. I think the opposite. By disclaiming the idea of the next life we can take more excitement in this one. The here and now is not something to be endured before eternal bliss or damnation. The here and now is all we have, an inspiration to make the most of it. So atheism is life affirming in a way that religion can never be.
Look around you, nature demands our attention. It begs us to explore, to question. Religion can only provide only fascile, ulimately unsatisfying answers. Science, in constantly seeking real explanations reveals the [bad word] magesty of our world in all [bad word] 
People sometimes say, there must be more than just this world, than just this life, but how much more do you want? We are going to die, and that makes us the lucky ones. Most people are never going to die because theyre never going to be born. The number of people that could be here in my place outnumber the sand grains of sahara. If you think about all the different ways our genes could be permuted you and i are quite grotesquely lucky to be here, the number of events that had to happen in order for you to exist, in order for me to exist. We are privilaged to be alive and we should make the most of our time on this world

Fu inl?; these clouds bode ill
From the earth we ran out;
That eve, that heralded night

For Man came knocking at our doors
Sank teeth within our homes

In those quiet hours,
where the [bad word] The sky, the ground, our thoughts
We prayed for pity
but received none
We gasped for breath
But no breath came

Forgive us el ahrairah!
Prophet of two faces;
deceitful, delirious
Right hand of embleer frith,
Bore down on us all
Scattering minds like skeleton leaves
Hrair thethuthinnang
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Frith the lagging star,
hung on pitch fork lies
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Slay him down
deific abhorrence
slay him down

Frith lies still in charred soil
we silflay upon his bones
dance in his carrion eyes
tare his flesh with ideas
bore within him like worms
bore within him like worms

Frith the lagging star,
hung on pitch fork lies
Weak willed we were, incoherent

Slay him down

Embellished with [bad word] Buried cities,
burrow graves
We stand in
ragged rows

Tharn Eyes sullen with loss

Disembodied he wanders the wastes
Three headed elil
Frith, ahrairah, inl?
Baying for our heed

Cloying at our arms
eyes wet with tears
But we will not cry for you
We will not cry for you

We march in atrophy
His hands still claw and swoon
Sombre we tread
In quiet regress
Amidst the fallen
Friend and fetid foe
Their blood smears as one
And so our cause is whole
Warrens yawn wide
Engulf us all in tow

We will lie here
Beside these vanquished souls
We never ceased feeling
We only opened our eyes
Ended half said prayers
this fallen lord we vilify
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