Protest Life (исполнитель: Scum)

I can't stand your [bad word] taste
I can't take your embrace
I stand here i take that
I break my face turning back
Chew you up to shoot you down
Take your [bad word] to make your rounds
Paid your head to the man
To the cops who romance you
Protest life!
Protest life!
Think about dead in the torments of life
Blackmail genius family-life
For the only way you to cut
Cowards are born and sold get lost
 [bad word] Black battles burn tonight
I don't wanna [bad word] in your face tonight
We stand forever in all of your sorrows
We still are fighting for all you despise
We stand forever a new aura-station
We still are fighting with hate in your eyes
We stand forever in all of your sorrows
We still are fighting for all you despise
For all you despise for all your [bad word] lies
Protest life!
Take my head
Take my hands
Take me to the inhuman man
Take me to his [bad word] place
Take me to [bad word] his face
The vatican bought and bribed
The vatican in denial
The vatican's bought and sold
... owned
In these pills i take i can't see straight
God's pills for the apocalypse
Evacuate the land
Evacuate the man
And [bad word] the pope and [bad word] the land
This human race of abortions blood
Kill the human race for its [bad word] Traitors of the land and traitors of the man
Inbred [bad word] cowards of a man
If god created man with an image of himself
No wonder we're such cowards, traitors and backstabbing liars
 [bad word] 
Death politicians
Dead politicians
We are the unborn leaders
Dead politicians
Death politicians
We still are fighting until the end
Until the end
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Scum - Protest Life?
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