More Than Just A Dram (1997 The Angels Share) (исполнитель: Laing, Robin)

Take clear water from the hill
And barley from the lowlands
Take a master craftsman's skill
And something harder to define
Like secrets in the shape of coppered still
Or the slow silent magic work of time

Whisky you're the devil in disguise
At least to some that's the way it seems
But you're more like an angel in my eyes
Catch the heady vapours as they rise
And turn them into dreams

Bring home Sherry casks from Spain
Sanlucar de Barrameda
And fill them up again
With the spirit of the land
Then let the wood work to the spirit's gain
In a process no one fully understands

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...

For the spirit starts out clear
But see the transformation
After many patient years 
When at last the tail unfolds
For the colours of the seasons will appear
From paleless yellow to the deepest gold

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...

When you hold it in your hand
It's the pulse of one small nation
So much more than just a dram
You can see it if you will
The people and the weather and the land
The past into the present is distilled

Whisky you're the devil in disguise ...
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